Poll: What Do You Think Beyonce's Wedding Ring Tattoo Update Means?

We don't have all day to figure it out, so we thought we'd just ask you.

Beyonce is a lady of many secrets. She makes records and visual albums, gives birth to multiple children and stages kickass musical reunions on the lowest of lows. If she were a regular woman this would be amazing, but it's even more amazing when you consider she's the biggest superstar on the planet (it's not debatable so don't even come over here trying to say it is). Despite her celebrity and increased presence on Instagram, she's still pretty private, leaving us regular folk arguing in the comments as we try to decipher the true meaning of her 'grams.

Like this Instagram post where theorists tried to say she was trying to tell us she was pregnant with twins before it was outright announced in THAT maternity shoot.

Well it's time to add one more thing to the list of things that Beyonce has done on the low and what it may or may not mean. When Bey and Jay got married, they didn't get rings, they got tats on their ring fingers of "IV".

As we all know, they're obsessed with the number 4 and even incorporated it into the name of their first born. Well it looks like Beyonce has switched up that tat because it doesn't say "IV" anymore. Only problem is, it's kinda hard to tell what it says.

Is it a sideways "J" is? It is the number "4"? Does it mean anything? Is it an illuminati reference? Ok, so it's probably not an illuminati reference, but seriously what does it look like to you?

In case you live under a rock or don't follow Beyonce (aka you live under a rock), check out this video talking about all the ways that the number 4 has a meaning to Beyonce.