Last Lap: What's Missing From Cameron Diaz's Beauty Routine?

Did Barack Obama cause George Clooney to get in a fight? James Van Der Beek talks about his `90s fame, and J.K. Rowling takes one of her stories to HBO.

  • Cameron Diaz says that she doesn't wear antiperspirant, and hasn't done so for roughly 20 years. Maybe when you're that gorgeous, you don't need deodorant, but um, we're going to keep using ours for the foreseeable future. [Huffington Post]
  • We all loved James Van Ber Deek during his Dawson's Creek days, and he has no problem recalling the craziness of his fame back in the day. The actor stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live to chat with Nick Lachey.
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  • George Clooney reportedly left a dinner with hotelier Steve Wynn, after the mogul made some choice remarks about President Obama. George apparently got angry during a debate and stormed off. Wow, at least the prez knows who his real friends are! [Us Magazine]
  • The Casual Vacancy, J.K. Rowling's first novel following the Harry Potter books, is headed to HBO. The author's tale is being adapted into a three-part miniseries, and there's no word yet if Daniel Radcliffe is involved. Can't someone cast him just for old time's sake? [MTV News]
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