I'll Wear What He's Wearing: 10 Ways That Marilyn Manson Inspired Lady Gaga

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When it comes to Lady Gaga's style, she seems like a true original. Hooded leotards, Kermit dresses, the meat frock thing -- she was born that way. Right? No. One of Gaga's most important inspirations might surprise you: Sir Marilyn Manson. The shock rocker's debut album Portrait of an American Family turns 20 years old today, and it got us thinking about all of the artists it has influenced, from hardcore acts to Mother Monster herself.

Yep, Gaga has found a way to reinterpret almost every one of Manson's iconic looks (think black leather fetishwear, police caps, and insane face paint). Of course, they're genres are a bit different. Where he was a subversive, status quo-challenging alien in drag; she's a subversive, style cartoon pinup in drag. But their styles are both compulsively watchable! From liquid gold suits to bonkers fetishwear, check out the many, myriad ways that Marilyn Manson's looks inspired Mother Monster.

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