10 Things About The Grammys We Don’t Expect You To Know

6th Annual Latin Grammy Awards - Press Room

-By Renaud Jean Baptiste Jr. 

This Sunday, the entire music industry will assemble in the City of Angels to witness the 57th Annual Grammy Awards go down. Prominently billed as “Music’s Biggest Night,” the awards ceremony serves as validation for some, frustration for others and pure entertainment for all. By now we all know the nominees in the most popular categories and who is performing Grammy night, but what do you really know about the actual Grammys Awards themselves?

Do you know who gets to vote? Have you ever wondered how much a Grammy award weighs in real life? We know these questions of course hang heavy on your mind and just in case you have limited Google access to find out the answers to these important questions we've compiled 10 Grammy tidbits that may end up helping you win a round of Trivia Crack somewhere down the road.

That Explains That

The Grammys are named after the “gramophone” which is a super old school  term for a record player.

Coast To Coast

Back in 1959 the Grammys were held simultaneously in two locations; the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills and the Park Sheraton in New York City.

Not As Light As They Look

An actual Grammy weighs six pounds, takes 15-20 hours to make and is made out of a metal the NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Science) refers to as “grammium”.  The special metal consists of zinc, aluminum and “secret” ingredients.

The Secret Service

Voting ballots are counted up by Deloitte, an independent accounting firm.  Only they know who the winners are until the big night when they’re actually announced.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The envelopes containing the names of the winners are delivered to the venue in a sealed and locked briefcase that's only accessible by Deloitte.

No Room For Error

The Academy holds screening sessions with over 150 experts so that each submission is examined and placed under the accurate musical category.

Location, Location, Location

The Grammys were once held in Nashville, TN  back in 1972, George Harrison's ‘The Concert for Bangladesh’ won album of the year.

Shipping And Handling Included?

The Academy offers customized participation certificates to anyone who was “creatively or professionally involved in a GRAMMY-winning or nominated recording.” All for a small fee of $50 of course.

Sell A Grammy, Break A Law

It’s illegal to sell a Grammy since the statues legally belong to the National Academy of Recording Arts & Science. This might explain why more one-hit wonder Grammys aren't floating around on Ebay.

Members Only

Voting is open only to recording academy voting members; who the Grammys define as “professionals with creative or technical credits on at least six commercially released tracks."

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