Girl, Bye: Erica Mena Basically Just Took Credit For All the Basketball Wives Fights

We all have a little bit of Erica in us? K.

Erica Mena recently sat down on TMZ's Rock Rants and, in typical you-cant-handle-my-mouth-motherf--ker style, Erica had a lot to say. The big takeaway, that Erica feels responsible for the reality TV turn up. "I think I set the tone for the whole, I don't like to admit this, the whole throwing the glass thing," referencing her 2011 altercation with Kimbella Vanderhee. (Which actually Kimbella threw her drink first, but sure the "glass" was you, Mena.)

"The fighting didn't start until I walked into the building, then everybody wanted to fight, even down to the Basketball Wives. I set the tone of throwing s--t, next thing you know b---hes are getting slapped, jumping over tables. I was like, 'Damnnnn.' There's a little bit of Erica in everybody." Erica goes on to say that she's grown a lot from those days and that producers definitely knew that she was hot-headed back then. "I don't regret it, I just wish that I had done things differently," but when pressed she admitted, "I would probably do it better."

Now, there may be a few people scratching their heads at this, "There's a little bit of Erica in everybody." Mainly.

So, here's the thing. Basketball Wives, premiered on VH1 in the spring of 2010. Erica Mena didn't appear in the first episode of Love & Hip Hop...until season two...episode December of 2011.

So, basically, like, this happened before then.

When Basketball Wives OG Suzie Ketcham exploded on model (and alleged groupie) Sandra AKA "Plastic Surgery" and threw a drink at in her face. We legit forgot Suzie was a trained-to-go-killer.

Um, and then this happened.

When tensions were building between Royce Reed and Gloria Govan and they decided to take a self-defense class that turned into a let's punch each other in the face class.

Okay, but then this also happened.

Ev was being harassed by someone who turned out to be Suzie's friend Vanessa, and like Ev threw in drink a her damn face because, Ev.

Oh, oh, and then there was this. We almost forgot about this. Dang, Suzie. You're not the one, eh?

At the season one reunion, Suzie, and presumably all the ladies were surprised to find out that Sandra AKA "Plastic Surgery" was in the house, and Suzie was fuming. So much so that she had to leave the stage, that is until she returned to the stage...with a bucket of water and threw it at Sandra. Um, where was this Tupperware chillin' backstage anyway?

Okay, so now season two of Basketball Wives premieres. Love & Hip Hop still has yet to premiere (and Mena still doesn't show up until season two, so...)

So, like season two. OK. There was Food Stamp-gate.

While it didn't feature any punches or slaps or drinks being thrown, it did feature the introduction of Tami Roman and "get your motherf--king hand out of my face."

Then there was the epic season two finale.

When Tami and Evelyn got into it when Tami found out that Ev slept with her ex-husband. Paws were out.

Okay, sure, so then season three premieres of Basketball Wives in May 2011 and this happened. We are still waiting for Erica Mena to make her LHH debut.

With two and a half years of drama pent up, Ev launches a drink Royce's way.

Okay, so, then this happened.

After heated arguments at a polo match, dinner, and finally Italy, Tami put hands on Meeka Claxton which she would later label the "Meeka mush moment."

K, so we are still waiting for Erica Mena but this still happened on Basketball Wives.

Eric Williams meets up with his ex-wife Jennifer and throws a drink in her face, solidifying his place as worst husband on reality TV, ever.

Meanwhile Love & Hip Hop's first season premiered in March 2011. And while the first season was relatively tame (in comparison to the above BBW moments,) this happened at the start of season two, ahem, before Erica Mena joined the cast.

OG Chrissy Lampkin punched, none other than, Kimbella. Kim, who had the wind knocked out her, then uttered her now famous line, "Still look pretty."

So, what did we learn in class today, kids? That we all have a little bit of Erica Mena in us because she was the sole reason for the turn up on reality TV, right?

Sure, if you say so, Erica.