Ashley Tells Don She's Moving to Texas With Their Kids and He Has a Texas-Sized Freak Out in This 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Highlight

It's Texas or bust for Ashley, but will Don let her take his kids?

After finding out that Don's Snapchat slip-up wasn't just a one night thing, she's finally ready to leave Don and his triflin' ways behind. On this week's episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Ashley tells Don that she's going to pack up her things and move the kids to Texas. But Don's not about to give up so easily. He says, "If I got anything to do with it, my kids ain't going to no goddamn Texas."

We're not so sure that he should have anything to do with it right now, especially after stepping out on their relationship on more than one occasion. Ashley explains that Texas is where her support and her love is. "You hurt me so bad, that it's no love here." That's when she lets him know that Ta'Shay told her that she is pregnant with his child.


He insists that the child isn't his and then goes as far as to say he'll buy a whole separate house for her and the kids just so that she will stay. Watch the clip above to find out what Ashley decides.

Do you think Ashley will stay in Chicago and let Don try to make amends? You'll have to tune into Black Ink Crew: Chicago on Wednesdays at 8/7c.