Mayte Garcia Is Auctioning Off Her Engagement Ring and a Zoot Suit Prince Once Wore Because She DGAF

Oh, and her wedding dress too!

Mayte Garcia went public about her breakup with music legend ex-husband Prince on VH1's Hollywood Exes, and now she's going public with basically getting rid of the relics from that relationship too. (What happened to putting all their s--t in a box and being like, please pick up your Doc Martens and mixtapes asap?)

The dancer-singer is holding an auction open to the mere plebeians that includes: handwritten lyrics on legal pads by the "Purple Rain" singer, the former couple's good China, a Zoot suit jacket once worn by P, and, of course, Mayte's wedding dress and engagement ring. The 2.2-carat-diamond also comes with cut-out paper hearts that Prince used when proposing to the one-time backup singer. (All yours for at least $100,000.)

If you followed Mayte's story on Hollywood Exes, you'll remember that she struggled with what to do with her ex's belongings for a while. You can watch her with co-star Drea Kelly begin to start the process back in 2012.

Will you be making a bid on Mayte's engagement ring?