A Woman Delivered the Perfect Response to Donald Trump's Tweet About "Unwatchable" 'SNL'

"This is not a joke, Donald. Don't you have anything better to do?"

By Jasmine Washington

President-elect Donald Trump was not a fan of the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. The soon-to-be leader of the United States took to Twitter slamming the show's latest sketch where Alec Baldwin delivered what many believe to be a spot on impersonation of Trump.

One Twitter user is now being praised for her epic response to Trump's latest Twitter rant.

Civil rights activist Danielle Muscato garnered thousands of retweets and likes after she questioned the president-elect's priorities and his decision to publicly speak on a television show when there are so many other things he should be concerned about as the upcoming president of the US.

Check out Danielle Muscato's response to Donald Trump below and tell us what you think of his latest Twitter rant.