16 Times Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Gave Single People Life By Being Cute AF

Love is so real.

The world is in love with Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill right now.

We were confused for some time as to whether or not Meek had proposed to Nicki. We know now that they're not engaged (yet), but we're hopeful because, let's face it, they're the cutest. Whether these two are singing along to "Drip Drop" at the BET Awards or defending each other against Joe Budden on Twitter, Meek and Nick have no problem expressing their love for one another publicly, and it gives us singles life.

These are the 16 times Nicki and Meek made it known that their love is the realest, and subsequently made us all set new #RelationshipGoals.

The fact that Meek tweeted about wanting to date Nicki five years ago.

#RelationshipGoals #LifeGoals.

When Nicki posted this pic of them holding hands.

And it was suddenly so real.

The time they canoodled in Paris.

The City of ~Love~.

When they rode on Meek's bike in the video for "The Night Is Still Young"

Can't. Handle. It.

When Nicki came out while Meek was performing at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash.

And strutted out all casual with her purse on like they were about to peace and go hang.

"All Eyes On You"

Meek + Nick.

When they sang along to "Drip Drop" from Empire at the BET Awards.

^ my kind of love ^

When they performed "All Eyes On You" at the BET Awards and HELD HANDS.

And Chris Brown was up there third wheeling it.

When they rode around on one of those motor things all the cool celebs have these days.

When Meek said he must be dreaming to now be dating Nicki.

Meek spoke to Angie Martinez from Power 105.1 last week. We marked the moment in the interview when he said this, a.k.a. the cutest thing ever: “It’s a dream for me to be in any of these positions. I be waking up in the bed, see Nicki, and just go back to sleep like, ‘Oh, this must be a dream. Let me wake back up again.'"

When they both fired back at Joe Budden's dumb comments about their relationship.

Because they have each other's backs.

The time Meek said he wishes Nicki were pregnant.

And she responded saying she wants to be married first.

The moment Nicki realized Meek dedicated Dreams Worth More Than Money in part to her.

"And my baby Nicki."

When Meek called Nicki out for not giving him a real kiss.

And Nicki responded with this.

I'm done.

When Nicki twerked in a thong for Meek on their day off.

I can't feel my face.