Trailblazing Rapper Tyga Pulled a Beyonce, Dropped What Could Be the Album of the Year

Thank you to PR point person Kylie Jenner for alerting us all to it.

While cruising down Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles last night, Kylie Jenner got a text from Tyga. Here's what their conversation looked like:

T: Hey babe, can you tweet out this link?

K: Ya, what is it?

T: My album. It just dropped.

K: K.

On the other side of the country in New York City, I was browsing Twitter while waiting for the bus when I noticed that Tyga's name was trending on Twitter. Omg. Did he and Kylie finally break up? Nothing on Kylie's Twitter account suggested that they had, but I did find this:

The bevy of trending tweets revealed that T-Raww had dropped a surprise album, which he claims is his "best work." As a music writer, I decided to shirk the responsibility of listening to The Gold Album — there was enough shade on Twitter deterring me from it, anyway. Instead, I let my mind go to work.

Did Tyga think he had reached Beyonce's level of surprise album-dropping? Why hasn't Kanye, who helped Tyga on the album, said anything about it AT ALL? What, according to Tyga, does his "best work" entail? ???

A few hours after the fact, I checked to see if any major music outlets had written or tweeted about the album. No one had.

I am staring at Tyga's album on Spotify right now and have yet to begin listening to it. To be honest, I'm not sure that I will. But here's something certain: Tyga has officially reached peak Tyga.