Angela Bassett Couldn't Keep Her Eyes Off Of Beyonce At 'VH1 Divas ' Diana Ross Tribute Years Ago

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Years ago Beyonce's claim to fame was being 1/3 of the group Destiny's Child whose song titles repeated the same word three times-- "No, No, No and "Bills, Bills, Bills." Bey put on her solo artist wings and flew, but not before Destiny's Child became one of the highest selling girl groups of all time. Actress Angela Bassett remembers being in awe of Beyonce at a VH1 Divas live show way back before Destiny's child would become Destiny's superstar icon.

Celebs gathered in NYC last night for the screening of Bey's HBO documentary "Life Is But A Dream." Angela Bassett (yes, the woman who lit her cheating husband's car on fire in Waiting To Exhale) recalled watching Bey perform at VH1 Divas. "They may have been celebrating Diana Ross," Angela Bassett said. "Destiny's Child was there, and I declare, I just could not keep my eyes off of her."