K. Michelle Still Stans For Nicki Minaj Despite Past Feud, Says She's Down to Collaborate

Two extremely talented women sharing one booth? Here for it.

It's always a shame when amazing talent gets overshadowed by drama, but instead of feeding into the BS, K. Michelle is willing to work through it for the sake of artistry.

Recently, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star made a shocking confession when responding to a comment made by Couples Therapy's Carmen Carerra in regards to working with the Pink Print rapper.

Carmen wrote:

Would love to see a K and Nicki collab but I feel the sound would be so empowering for women. 2 strong mindsets on one track.

K. Michelle replied:

I would 2. We had a bumpy start that I wouldn't doubt it if some executives were behind it, but I've always supported her. I'm not on that Nicki hate train. S---t happens.

That "hate train," if your wondering, took off following the New York Fashion Week brawl involving Nicki and Cardi B . Fans basically chose sides in the battle of the hip hop superstars, as if supporting both is impossible.

The beef Kimberly is referring to derived from a situation in 2017 where K. believed Nicki was trying to #StopHerBag. According to K, Meek Mill gave her a track titled, "Buy The Heart," but shortly took it back where it later appeared on the Pink Print. At the time, K. felt that was orchestrated by Nicki who allegedly believed Kimberly and Meek had a romantic relationship.

Given that the misunderstanding was so two albums ago (Queen is available for purchase, y'all) it seems K has since let bygones be that and is continuing to focus on what's more important- the music.

Almost everyone would agree with Carmen that Nicki and Kimberly are both strong-minded individuals. Would you want them to collab with one another?

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