Puma and Ceaser Finally Hash It Out in This 'Black Ink Crew' Highlight

You know what they say: "Ain't no thing but a chicken wing!"

Hear ye, hear ye! After seasons of beef (and thrown chicken wings), it looks like Ceaser and Puma are ready to finally put it all to rest.

When Sky invited Puma to pop up at the crew's California vacation, we weren't sure how it would all go down. Luckily, it seems like Puma is ready to keep it calm, cool, and collected (even if Ceaser is getting high blood pressure). He explains to Ceaser that they've both done things to one another that are messed up, but all things considered, nothing is that serious. Puma explains that he's about to become a father again, and he wants his son to know that it's okay to talk through your issues that you have with your brothers. Otherwise, it turns into a problem that seems impossible to solve.

Ceaser goes from high blood pressure to high emotion real quick when he hears Puma call him his "brother." He realizes that he couldn't be where he is today if not for their friendship. At the end of the day, neither of them can point to the moment that their relationship changed, and they both miss their friends. Is it time to let all of the drama go? Watch the clip above to see if these two officially squash the beef.

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