Dream Breaks Down The Different Types Of Ratchet

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Dream may not be responsible for all that is the ratchetness of Beyonce, but he loves partaking in ratchet and has his very own definition of what ratchet means to him.

The word ratchet is going in the direction of twerk--coming to mainstream soon. We've asked VH1 talent from The Gossip Game, Hit The Floor and Love And Hip Hop Atlanta what their definition of ratchet is. The Dream has his own definition that is not quite like anything we've ever heard. "My ratchet is a little bit different," he said. "It's two different ratchets. It's a luxury ratchet and there's a devalue ratchet."

Huh? Luckily Dream gave some colorful examples of both. Luxury ratchet, he says, are the Uzi earrings in his ear. "It's gold, it's thought about before you do it." It's what he calls predetermined ratchet. Then there's ratchet that is not predetermined like going to the store with pants that are too tight paired with house shoes and ashy feet. "That's a different ratchet, you didn't predetermine that," he said. "You didn't want that to happen, you didn't want us to see that." Miley Cyrus twerking and next up a homemade video of Taylor Swift with the caption 'I love being ratchet!' Thanks to Dream for breaking it down so we can all understand the complexities of ratchet.


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