Welp! Tara Popped Up on Peter and Amina During Marriage Counseling on Their Other Show

Idk I'm still invested tbh...

Oh, baby boo, if you thought anything had changed with Peter Gunz, his wife Amina Buddafly, or his ex-common law wife (YES, I SAID THAT) Tara Wallace, well, sadly you'd be mistaken.

Peter and Amina have recently been appearing on another reality show -- Marriage Boot Camp -- where they have been attempting to remedy their situation, or at least come to a better understanding of their relationship. One person who kept coming up, Tara. Tara's name was in Peter's mouth so often that apparently Amina and producers had to do something about it.

So on the finale of this show--BOOM--Tara arrives, ready to collect a check for all the times Peter has had her name in his mouth.

An Instagram user by the name of @all_you_need_to_kno captured all the juicy moments so you can really get a play by play of the drama, mama.


Tara said no one invited her to this here show yet they continue to talk about her. LIKE LET HER COLLECT A CHECK IF SHE'S A CHARACTER ON THE SHOW. Amina is not that pleased because she feels like Tara robbed her of her moment with Peter.

Soon someone is counseling them, and let's be clear they've received advice from many people including, but not limited to, Rich Dollaz, Yandy Smith-Harris, Cardi B, Cisco Rosado, and Erica Mena. But during the session Peter admits that he is in love with Tara. And says he made that decision before, essentially back at the Love & Hip Hop season seven reunion. Tara lays into Peter saying that you don't tell someone you love them and have unprotected sex with them, and then, you know, get married to someone else.

Then essentially Peter and Amina decide they aren't going to continue to be together.

So, like, what is the resolution? Can they all come back to Love & Hip Hop to tell us, or nah?

But then Amina is kinda like, just kidding, I was open to getting back together...I'm confused, too.

But then like after the cameras were done rolling, but they were still, Peter called TARA (!) and says he still loves her and is sorry. What is even happening?

And just for some context, here is where Peter, Amina, and Tara were the last time they were on Love & Hip Hop.