Who's Winning At Life: Kristin Cavallari or Lauren Conrad?

It's been almost 10 years since we watched them fight over Stephen Colletti on Laguna Beach, but do you still remain a loyal member of Team Kristin or Team LC?

We first saw them as naive high schoolers in a picturesque Orange County beach town, and now, they're showbiz, fashion, and lifestyle queens. As rivals in high school, we felt like we knew them (or were them), and their polar opposite personalities made it easy for us to pick a side. A few years later, Kristin reentered as the "bitch that was back" in town on The Hills, and our original pick was only confirmed. Did you root for the insightful, heartfelt, sensitive Lauren? Or the tell it how it is, outgoing, firecracker Kristin?

No matter who you sided with, it's hard to escape either one these days (and they can't seem to escape each other either). Today we're deciding who has come out on top now that most of the drama is said and done. We're breaking it down for you by comparing some crucial facets of their lives, such as romance, family, business and engagement rings (necessary). Vote for your pick in the poll below and find out who we think is the beach blonde Laguna starlet winning the game of life.

1. Clothing Lines, Winner = LC

KC: Kristin started her own line of feminine footwear, Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry, with a huge cut from designer prices and styles for every season. She also has a jewelry line, Kristin Cavallari for GlamBoutique, and says her designs are for "the everyday girl." When she wasn't busy putting other people in their place on Laguna and The Hills, who knew she actually had a knack for fashion design?

LC: Once she was finished crying over boys on The Hills, and finally got her sh** together, LC made a huge splash in the fashion industry. She's the face behind multiple clothing lines — including LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's and Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad — and her feminine fashions are for those who want to "play dress up in a grown up world." We're in a much different world than you, LC, but we can pretend, right?

So far: KC = 0, LC = 1

2. Twitter Followers, Winner = Tie

Kristin has almost three times fewer amount of followers than LC, but that doesn't necessarily mean her tweets are less interesting... We know Kristin isn't afraid to throw a little shade here and there, and we like it. Therefore, KC's awesome tweets make up for lack of followers, making this competition a tie.

So far: KC = 0, LC = 1

3. Online Niche, Winner = LC

KC: If you want to be exactly like Kristin, lucky for you, she now has her own app where she posts all of her favorite things — from food to fashion and shopping to recipes. You may wonder exactly what validates her as a dominating lifestyle queen, but maybe we'll see K.Cav achieving Martha Stewart status one day. Just maybe.

LC: The Little Market, founded by Lauren Conrad and a partner, is a site where you can get unique, one-of-a-kind finds in decor, home, dining, bags, gifts, and more, made by artisan groups around the world. Selling awesome products and saving the world by doing it = badass.

So far: KC = 0, LC = 2

4. Man Candy, Winner = KC

KC: Kristin has been happily married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler for a year and the two live in Chicago.

LC: Lauren is currently engaged to recent law school graduate William Tell. We can see both gals like their men tall, dark and handsome. We wonder if Stephen Colletti has anything to do with that...

So far: KC = 1, LC = 2

5. Their Rocks: ***Flawless?, Winner = KC

KC's rock: 5.2 carats

LC's rock: 2 carats

So far: KC = 2, LC = 2

6. How These California Girls Spend Time at the Beach, Winner = LC

KC: Moving on from awkward high school get togethers and bonfires on the beach, Kristin now fancies some nice, private time with her family of four, and maintains a rocking body — regardless of being pregnant every other week.

LC: Lauren no longer spends her time at the beach pining over Stephen (while he was fighting with Kristin) and in fact, recently had wet and wild fun in the sun with her gal pals (including Lo Bosworth) for her bachelorette extravaganza in Cabo San Lucas.

So far: KC = 2, LC = 3

7. Side Jobs (That Are Pretty Major), Winner = Tie

KC: Kristin hosts the weekly lifestyle and entertainment show, The Fabulist on E!, showcasing the week's biggest trends.

LC: Lauren is New York Times best-selling author. Her sixth and most recent book, Beauty, reveals beauty tips she's learned from the pros over the years.

So far: KC = 2, LC = 3

8. All in a Day's Work, Winner = KC

KC: This photo was taken for K.Cav's shoe line campaign just three months after her second son was born. She almost has a six pack. Pregnancy has not stopped this MILF on being prepared for her close-up. Behind the scenes of Kristin's life? Cameras, lights and fabulousness.

LC: Lauren went from running embarrassing errands all over town for fashion internships on The Hills to running the show. She recently posted the photo below with the caption: "Taking coffee orders and steaming at today's@thelittlemarket and @laurenconrad_com shoot. I've come a long way since my intern days..."

So far: KC = 3, LC = 3

9. Leisurely Time, Winner = Tie

KC: Kristin always said she was just a simple girl from Colorado. She has two sons, Camden (two) and Jaxon (three months), and as someone who was constantly glowing throughout both pregnancies, hasn't seemed happier since becoming a mom.

LC: Lauren recently had a wild bachelorette party and is slowly letting go of single life as her walk down the aisle approaches (while continuing to focus on work, of course).

lc-not preg

So far: KC = 3, LC = 3

10. How Are They Holding Up 10 Years Later?, Winner = KC

KC: Three months after giving birth, Kristin Cavallari made her stunning debut on the red carpet in the gown below, causing jaws all over the country to drop. Is this girl for real? How is that humanly possible?

LC: With her original California sun kissed glow and sandy blonde hair, Lauren Conrad doesn't look too bad herself. She's always been in great shape, but we suspect these days she's working extra hard at her bod and sweating for the wedding.

So far: KC = 4, LC = 3

Winning at Life = Kristin Cavallari  

Here's to having it all, and not taking anyone's sh** along the way.

[Photo Credit: @kristincavallari/@laurenconrad/Getty]