Cardi B and Amber Rose Went to the Strip Club for Their Double Date Because Why Not?

And the video is sort of NSFW.

--- Andrea Wurzburger

For your daily taste of romance, we bring you this super romantic celebrity double date. That's right, Cardi B, Offset, Amber Rose, and 21 Savage decided to spend some quality couple time together. But where to go? The strip club of course! What are a bills flying in the air among friends? A couple that tips together stays together. A stripper a day keeps the breakup away. I could do this all day, but I'll just let you enjoy the experience yourself.

Cardi B uploaded the video (among others) to her Snapchat. You can see Amber Rose look on proudly as her boyfriend 21 Savage and Cardi's man, Offset make it rain.

Y'all, celebs are so extra. What ever happened to dinner at Olive Garden so that you could enjoy some unlimited breadsticks? To each their own! We're just happy these couples are having a good time, strippers and all.

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