Sneak Peek: Sky Is Looking For A New Manager Of Black Ink Who Likes Strippers, Drinks Henny, & Didn't Vote for 45

"How do you feel about strippers?"

It ain't your average job interview, that's for damn sure.

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In the sneak peek to next week's Black Ink Crew, Sky is back in New York determined to find a new manager for the shop. Some bosses use LinkedIn, others comb through resumesm but Sky? All she needs is Hennessy in a tea cup, FaceTime, and her instincts to decide if the stranger she's chatting with is qualified for the job. It's all about the vibe she gets through her iPad. She cuts to the important questions to see if see can find the right candidate like "What's your sign?" and "How do you feel about strippers?" and most importantly, "Did you vote for T***p?" All necessary asks to find the right fit.

Finally, she finds a young woman who has two years experience managing a tattoo shop, is a licensed tattoo artist, is a licensed body piercer, and she's feisty. After a two-week training period, we'll see if she has what it takes to be part of this crew.

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