Nick Carter's Family Drama Shows Its Head On I Heart Nick Carter'

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On tonight's episode of I Heart Nick Carter, Nick Carter's family drama found itself center stage as he and soon-to-be wife Lauren Kitt needed to figure out who from their families they would be inviting to their nuptials. While working on these very real issues in therapy, they both admit that they're the only constant the other has had - they are each other's family.

Nick decides to take the new found tools from therapy and reach out to his brother, singer Aaron Carter because he does want to have a relationship with Aaron. In a touching moment, Aaron and Nick go sailing and Nick proposes that Aaron be one of his groomsmen. Aaron, a sweet little doof, seems confused about what his duties will actually be but accepts Nick's request.

Meanwhile, Lauren is working through her own struggle with her con artist mother. The end results for Lauren aren't quite as encouraging as Nick's. Lauren and her sister decide that the bride's not going to put herself through the ringer with her mother's behavior on her wedding day so she is not going to invite her mom.

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Thankfully Lauren and Nick have started a family on their own.

What do you think of Nick's decision to include Aaron? Will he invite his parents? Do you think Lauren made the right choice to not invite her mother to their wedding? Tune into an all new I Heart Nick Carter next Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.