Nosy or Nah: Was OG Doing The Most In Trying To Get Tea About Jackie From Evelyn?

Sis just got here 3 episodes ago and is already shaking the table.

OG is not off to a good start on this season of Basketball Wives. First she was beefing with another rookie, but now she's got some smoke with an OG (no pun intended) and it's not looking too promising for her making a bunch of new friends.

Even though Jackie introduced OG to Malaysia for .5 seconds, it didn't stop these two ladies from going out for a nice kiki and a drink. Maybe she was too busy being excited to get to know Evelyn but it's clear that OG missed the shade in Malaysia saying, "The girls sagging, you came in here like slaying sex kitten!"

Another thing OG seemed to miss is that someone clearing their throat grunting is a universal sound for, STFU, and "like Elsa, let it f---ing go." She was all up in Evelyn and Jackie's business and didn't take too kindly to being called out on it. She decided it was time to go and bid Evelyn and Malaysia's wig a good night, so Malaysia clapped back that OG's wig was already on it's way out the door.

Doesn't look we can count on these two having another kiki anytime soon.

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