Face-to-Face With His Pregnant Mistress, Don Sets the Record Straight On Whether or Not He Previously Paid for Her Abortion

"You know you lying, shorty."

If you thought your life was a mess, just watch this joint here.

Ta'Shay, Don's side chick, approaches him in this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight. And under pressure, Don pulls out the receipts. He goes in on the woman potentially carrying his child, claiming that she concocted a false timeline to spread lies to Ashley. "You told my wife that I've known you and been talking to you since 2016." Don rebuts by saying that he's only known her since July. He says that everyone who knows Ta'Shay associates her with lies, mentioning her allegation that Don paid for her abortion. Ta'Shay admits she wasn't truthful about that Cash App transaction before being doused with a drink for being "thirsty." Don admits that his crew took things too far with the drink tossing, but at the end of the day, he's not trying to lose his family again.

I mean, you should've thought of that before you chea...ah never mind. Don't miss an all new Black Ink Crew: Chicago next Wednesday at 8/7c!