Keyshia Cole Gets Her Revenge With Some Help From Remy Ma and French Montana in "You" Music Video

You tried to play KC? Congratulations, you played yourself.

Cheating on Keyshia Cole might be the last thing you ever do. "You just played me for the last time," Keyshia sings in her new video for "You" as Remy Ma and French Montana aid her in q quest for retribution from a man that did her wrong.

The video starts with the R&B singer giving a detective alternative facts about her missing boyfriend only to realize seconds later that she was the one who kidnapped him. The revenge plot involves a torture session hosted by Remy that we're all here for. It looks like playboy had it coming. French plays his role in the kidnapping of homie's Becky with the good hair. The cheating BF will definitely think twice the next time he wants to play Keyshia Cole. Watch the full video below.