Safaree's Lovable Mother Is Every West Indian Mom and We are So Here For It!

Someone needs to keep him in check so of course it's mommy dearest.

While watching scenes that feature our favorite bod mon and the woman who birthed him, one thing is very apparent if you have Caribbean roots: Safaree's mom Shirley is every West Indian parent, ha!

When we first met Safaree's mother on Love & Hip Hop, I immediately heard my mom's voice come out of Shirley's mouth when she asked about his love life. As a Haitian woman, I can honestly say my mother has asked me that very same question about finding a relationship about um, 297 times... a week. So witnessing Safaree's sisters pressuring him about finding a new sister-in-law made me laugh.

Shirley hasn't seen Safaree in such a long time. Peep how she gives him a hug.

My mom gives me the same fake hug when she's happy to see me, but not happy about the things I have been posting on Instagram and Snapchat. Like ma, come on!

When Shirley made this face below, she asked Safaree how long he plans on chasing big booty females who stunt on Instagram. This is the same exact expression my mom has when she says, "Dating? You're still dating? How long will you date for? When are you getting married?"

And then here when Safaree agrees to bring home a nice girl, he reaches in for a pound to which his mom says, "Don't give me a pound, I am not your friend." Coming from my Haitian mother it was always, "I look like one of your little friends? Get that hand out of my face."

Safaree meets up with Juju who we all know is beautiful, classy, and reserved. Every mom's dream. So it's not surprising she didn't hesitate to put a bug in Safaree's ear about dating Juju. Now you know if your mom hugs one of your friends of the opposite sex like this, she likes them for you.

Of course, when Safaree tells Shirley about Juju's relationship with Cam'ron, she makes the face that every West Indian mom makes when they know there is nothing else that can be done but to respect it.

And after learning that he is still looking but it won't be Juju, Shirley reminds Safaree how focused he is as a single man, because once the girls come around, he is a different person. For me, my mom brings up this same point when I don't tell her exactly what she wants to hear. (She also usually involves a line about not going to church as much anymore.)

Too hilarious. Salute to the moms who are down enough to hang but still bawsy enough to demand that respek, mmk?