In Her Latest Interview, Teairra Mari Says She Did Not Want Special Treatment In Rehab, and Reveals Some Surprising Info About Her Love Life

We had no idea she dated this rapper.

Teairra Mari's rehab process may have seemed short on television, but the "Sponsor" singer really did spend the whole 90 days and she admits that was the best experience of her life.

In this interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Teairra talks all things rehab, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, her past dating life, and even Rihanna.

The intervention and rehab process was very real as Teairra details the account of her stay. Upon arriving, Teairra was apprehensive about participating because she was among other addicts but as soon as her denial wore off, she was more open to receiving treatment. This baddie is clearly glowing now that she has a nutritious food regimen and keeps up with exercise. Although she was transparent for television, it wasn't very easy. Teairra admits,

"[The process was] a little bit [humiliating] at first but there's always that silver lining and I'm back and I feel way better."

The experience was surreal, however after embracing it Teairra realized she met the best people in rehab. She never attended college, so for thirty days, Teairra opted for a roommate. They did not participate in the traditional 12-step program so no, Teairra didn't make amends with certain cast members but she does have a chip to commend her sobriety. With a 5-star chef at the facility, the process was pretty cozy while difficult but fulfilling nonetheless.

Teairra also shares a dirty little secret of a celebrity she dated back in the day that no one knows about. Without getting into specifics, Teairra reveals that Lil' Wayne was a beau once upon a time(!!). Lil' Wayne and rehab aside, Teairra shares plans of releasing a new single and video for her song ironically called "Uber," her shock at Masika's dutty feet, Ray J and Princess' wedding, and being pitted against Rihanna when she first came out.

Take a listen to the full interview above and congrats to Teairra for maintaining sobriety!

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