Katt Williams Got Stomped out at a Beanie Sigel Concert Last Night


Things took a painful turn for Katt Williams last night.

After delivering some choice words to fellow comedian Kevin Hart last week, Williams, who is on his Conspiracy Theory tour, stopped by Philadelphia this past weekend. After completing a show on Saturday, Williams attended a Beanie Sigel concert on Sunday night. Little did he know that he would be beaten to the ground.

A video (h/t Vibe) captured at the Sigel concert shows Williams preparing to punch a man—it's unclear who exactly the man is at this time. After Williams delivered a blow to the man, Wiliams got taken down to the ground and was stomped out. It was savage.

You can watch the brutal beatdown here at the timemark.

UPDATE: 3/7/2016 4:00 P.M.

Williams has apparently bought Sigel a new car for his birthday. This, according to The Shade Room. Peep a clip of Williams and Sigel here.

Update: Tuesday, March 8 at 1:40 p.m.: Williams addressed the incident in a video where he talked in third person, Vibe reports. He announced he will be retiring from the comedy game. Read what he had to say here:

"The word on the street is that after Beanie Sigel’s show…the reason Katt Williams is no longer doing comedy…Katt Williams got his a** whooped...They beat Katt Williams a** at a club, and then they robbed him. Now, Katt Williams, at his show at the Liacouras Center, said to the fans, 'It’s getting to the point right now where you can’t believe what you see or believe what you hear...' Now, I ain’t gon’ say that all I took was W’s in that club tonight, I ain’t sayin’ they didn’t land a few L’s on a ni**a."

Watch Williams' explanation in the video--provided by WorldStarHipHop--below.