Jim Jones Has a Weird Connection to All of This Fyre Festival Madness

Does he even know he's in Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary?

In case you've been living under a rock or somewhere where you don't have Twitter, Netflix and Hulu released two very good documentaries about the notorious scam that was Fyre Festival. A little background on the situation:

Back in the spring of 2017, influencers flocked to a private island for what they were told was a "luxury music festival" that was meant to promote Billy McFarland's Fyre music booking app. McFarland was an entrepreneur who had been at the helm of a few business ventures, but this was next level.

The whole event was tailor-made for Instagram, and it wasn't long before models like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski were promoting the event. Oh, yeah, and there was Ja Rule, too.

Anyway, the festival was, to put it lightly, a disaster, and instead of 5-star accommodations and gourmet meals punctuated by A-List performers, the attendees (who paid tens of thousands of dollars to be there) were put up in FEMA tents...

And given meals that looked like this:

And then, every performer pulled out and the attendees were basically trapped on an island.

Essentially, it was all a big scam pulled off by Billy McFarland. A scam that Joanne the Scammer would have be like, "Okay, that's a little too far."

Please watch the docs. I'm not even getting paid to tell you that--they are just that good.

But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to serve you some very important tea! While I was watching the Netflix doc, Fyre, I noticed a familiar face performing at one of Billy McFarland's events to promote another one of his business ventures, his Magnises credit card. It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-him moment, but it was...

Jim Jones!

He performed on a yacht for McFarland and a bunch of rich millennials who were ~*exclusive* enough to get the Magnises black card. The card was targeted at Millennials who wanted to be rich enough to have a black card, but who weren't actually that rich. The footage of that performance no longer exists, but I am a creep who found the Magnises Facebook page (it's still active, the website is not) that includes this screenshot of the fateful ride:



Also, upon some sleuthing I found a hilarious GQ article that said, "What better way to celebrate this bizzaro douche cult than to rent a yacht, invite card members on it, have Jim Jones perform "We Fly High", and film the entire experience as a promotion for the company? There is no hope for America, or really humanity at this point. We had a good run, everybody."

Part of me wants to yell, "Hey! Leave Jim Jones out of this!" but another part of me is like...

Anyway, the more you know, right?!

Chrissy hosts a backyard pool party for Jim's birthday where she and Mama Jones give Jim some surprising birthday presents.