Mess(y) Nikki Baby: Six Times Nikki Was Doing the Messiest Most

Is Miss Nikki Baby the new Karlie Redd?

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Miss Nikki Baby or Messy Nikki Baby? With her on-again, off-again drama with Mally Mally happening off camera, and her fling with Fizz relatively low-key, Nikki found herself in everyone's business this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The usually neutral Nikki Mudarris has somehow become Hollywood's Karlie Redd and has a lot of people (ahem, Moniece) feeling some type of way about her actions.

Check the six times that the usually squeaky clean Nikki became downright messy this season, and watch our video from the red carpet at VH1 Big In 15 With Entertainment Weekly to hear who the Love & Hip Hop cast thinks is the Messiest Of All Time!

When Nikki told Fizz to make Kamiah pick her s--t up

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After Fizz ended things with Kamiah, Nikki took it upon herself to encourage him to get rid of her stuff. Conveniently that pickup happened when Nikki was over for breakfast, chillin' in her lingerie. Aren't y'all adults?

When Nikki watched Jason Lee throw a drink in Hazel's face

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Nikki wanted help getting things underway for her lingerie line Nude By Nikki so she enlisted her friend Hazel but also enlisted the help of gossip blogger that her new boyfriend Fizz "warned her about." Then Jason threw a drink in Hazel's face and Nikki, well, she sat there and watched it happen. It was a mess, in more than one way.

When Nikki cut ties with Nas and watched her puke

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Nikki said that she wouldn't get in the middle of Teairra and Princess' drama but yet she had no problem getting in between Nia and Nas' beef. And it's just like, why? Also, she didn't puke because you're hot. SMH.

When Nikki stood by and watched Princess join her and Teairra's fashion show

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Originally, the fashion show was just supposed to be Nikki and Teairra's but when Hazel got involved it was then included Milan and Princess AKA Teairra's nemesis. Nikki was all like, "Teairra, get here for the model call," without giving her friend a heads up that Princess was in the house. I mean.

When Nikki ratted out to Willie that Shanda was dancing at her club

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While hanging out with Willie and Shanda, Nikki totally blurted out that Shanda was dancing at her club, apropos of nothing. Was kinda sketchy, tbh. I mean, "Shanda entertains me enough on the stage," in between sips of her drink? Girl, bye.

When Nikki told Rich that Moniece had a private conversation with Fizz.

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Nikki felt like Rich was being mislead by Moniece, after learning of Mo's chat with Fizz, so she took it upon herself to have a sitdown with Richie D. But, Fizz didn't want to get back together with Moniece so, bish why?

What do you think of Nikki's new messy ways?

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