New Manager Tatiana Criticizes Donna's Tattoo Art Then Pops Her in the Face in the Black Ink Crew Sneak

That's quite a second impression!

Well, new manager-in-training Tatiana sure knows how to make a first second impression.

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In a sneak for the next Black Ink Crew, Sky brings the potential supervisor back to the shop to try and make amends with her potential employees. Tatiana apologizes to the gang for coming in so hot (after her altercation with Bae) but now she's here to clear the air and remind everyone they're all there to just have fun and make dope tattoos. She then decides this is a great time to segue into judging the artist's work which is going fairly well when she compliments both Bae and Alex's work but takes a strong left turn when she drags Donna's tats.

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The crew is cracking up at the heated exchange as it cranks up but when Donna starts to tell Tatiana it's time for her to leave, well, Tatiana decides it's time for her to pop Donna in the face. Good grief!

Find out what happens in the aftermath on an all new Black Ink Crew, next Wednesday at 9/8c.