Tommie Sits Down With Tiarra to Make Peace in This 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Highlight

Don't worry, Tommie 2.0 is calm, cool, and collected.

Tommie and Tiarra have a bit of a history on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but Tommie insists that she is "Tommie 2.0" now, ready to squash the beef and put an end to the fighting. That's growth, y'all.

Tiarra says, "We both said some sh-t that neither one of us liked, but I think it should never be women attacking each other. It should be we come together." And come together they did. And it's all because of the person you'd least expect: Scrapp.

Scrapp DeLeon's due home from prison any day now, and Tiarra wants to make sure that everyone is cool in the meantime. Tommie is surprised to hear the news, and even more surprised to hear that Tiarra and Scrapp are going to try to make their relationship work. Watch the clip above to see how Tommie 2.0 handles the situation.

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