Adele's "Hello" Is Making Women Call Their Exes At A Record-Breaking Rate

Hello from the outside, fellas.

Adele's heartbreak track "Hello" is actually healing more hearts than you might think. A new study shows that 64% of women who've listened to the hit felt motivated to reconnect with their exes. On the other hand, only 17% of men have felt the same way.

These results come from a survey of 41,000 men and women by Their research showed that women are more open to talk about issues they've face in their past relationships, whereas men prefer to focus on the present.

“Women are known to base things on feelings and emotion, and the instant gratification of texting an ex may seem fulfilling in the moment,” said site-founder Brandon Wade. He added, “While men may be inspired by Adele’s song, they may not want to reopen old wounds by contacting an ex-girlfriend.”

So the next time you just happen to see two former flames all over each other once again, just know that Adele may have something to do with it.

Shout out to cuffing season.