Ceaser Officially Ends Things With Dutchess in this 'Black Ink Crew Highlight, Says "This Love Hurts Too Much"

"I love you too, Dutch, but we passed that point."

Dutchess tries to get her fiancé back but Ceaser feels that ship has sailed in this Black Ink Crew highlight.

After avoiding him for a hot little minute, Dutchess decides she's finally ready to make things right with Cease. She tells him that if there is any way to save their relationship, she's willing to fight for it. It's too little, too late though because Cease is over it and his mind is made up. Dutch breaks down realizing she lost her fiancé and her best friend. The two hug it out as Cease promises they will always be friends and he wishes Dutchess a good time in Puerto Rico.

Damn. Well, he didn't say anything about reimbursement for the Mac so that's good. Don't miss an all new Black Ink Crew, next Wednesday at 8/7c!