When Rockers Get Ridiculous: Hilarious Moments Of On-Stage Banter

For fans of hard rock and heavy metal, the live concert is the ultimate experience and any band worth their Marshalls knows how to whip the crowd into a frenzy with a few well-placed “YEAHS” and “ALRIGHTS!” And then there’s Paul Stanley. Taking a cue from Humble Pie's Steve Marriot, the Kiss singer is renowned for his over the top stage banter, first heard on the classic Alive! live record. Fans have even taken to editing together all his stage raps from various live recordings leading to a 45 minute mega-mix available here for your listening pleasure. Thankfully Paul’s not the only one to go a little too far trying to rile up the crowd so check out more of our favorite ridiculous stage raps and hilarious stage-banter from some of hard rock and heavy metal’s biggest and best.

Paul Stanley of Kiss

“WELL AL-RIGHT!” The hottest band in the land’s love god set new standards for unhinged crowd pumping. His routine’s were so routine fans knew his every word between songs and keep coming back for more.