A Doctor Flipped Lil' Boosie's "Wipe Me Down" Into a Sermon So Good, It Will Make You Ugly Cry

Chile, we've just been delivert!

Listen... why didn't anyone tell us about the amazing wonder that is Dr. Lori Croom-Jasper? In any case, we're so glad we found her because she has a word for you on today. Pull up a chair and get you some.

The optometrist and vision care specialist from Alabama, who emphasizes that she isn't a preacher but loves God, just delivered a word like no other based on a verse from Lil's Boosie's immortalized hood classic "Wipe Me Down," which has over 700,000 views and counting.

“I pull up to the club, VIP, gas tank on E, but all drinks on me,” she reads from her pretend passage before going in. “Yes, you may have pulled up to the club, and yes, it may have looked as if you were VIP, but only you and the valet knew that your gas tank was really on E. My God!” she continues.

“But you trusted him, you trusted God, and by the end of the day, not only did he provide for you, but he also allowed you to be a blessing to those around you! All drinks on me! My God, today!”

*Cue church organs*

“There’s an anointing on your life to bless others, and yes, there’s oil there. And we will wipe you down, because you’re on.”

Hunny, if that Monday Motivation post didn't inspire you to get your life, we don't know what will. So if you're thinking there's anything you can't accomplish this week, wipe those doubts away from the "shoulders, chest, pants to the shoes!"

In case you need to brush up on your Boosie history, here is the original song and video for "Wipe Me Down."

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