Watch Tyga's Reaction to a Joke About Kylie Jenner and Kids in This 'Hip Hop Squares' Sneak Peek

You gotta admit, the Kylie jokes never stop being funny.

[mtvn_player height="288" width="512" content_uri=""]Tyga probably has the sturdiest sense of humor known to man, because lord knows the man can take a joke.

Yes, he and his former flame Kylie Jenner broke up quite a while ago, but that doesn't mean a good ol' fashioned Kylie joke is off limits. In next week's episode of Hip Hop Squares host DeRay Davis made his usual rounds of funny banter with the contestants, and of course it was nothing but jokes when his eye landed on Tyga. DeRay took a light little dig by asking if Kylie was one of Tyga's "kids," but as usual the rapper took it all in stride. (Lesson - when it doubt, just laugh along with everybody else!)

And because this is Hip Hop Squares, you better believe Tyga wasn't the only one getting roasted on set. Michael Blackson got flamed for wearing yet another one of his loud and gaudy suits that was literally an eye sore. Is he a trendsetter or straight trippin'? You be the judge.

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