Watch the First Five Minutes Of The 'Mob Wives' Reunion For Some Unprecedented Access To The Cast

"That's not gonna be on TV is it?!?"

It's the final showdown ever. Tonight marks the very last time you'll see the cast of Mob Wives sit down together to hash out their differences (and maybe even come to blows), and the season six reunion will be unlike any other hour of television you've ever seen. Producers have provided us with unprecedented access to Renee, Carla, Karen, Drita, Big Ang, Marissa, and Brittany to see what actually goes on behind the scenes at a reunion, and it's an incredibly candid and intense sight to behold. As they watch scenes from past seasons that they've never seen, and heard soundbites from their co-stars that they haven't heard before, tempers start to flare...and they haven't even finished with hair and makeup.

A lot of tea is spilled and things are said. And it all comes out tonight at 9/8c.