If You're Still Hating on the All-Female 'Ghostbusters' After Seeing This Cast Pic, You Have Problems

Just saying.

The Ghostbusters remake, and those behind it, have gotten their fair share of s--t. Original cast member Ernie Hudson called an all-female cast a "bad idea." Director Paul Feid had to defend the flick and was disgusted by "vile, misogynistic s--t" people were saying on the Internet. Sony's Tom Rothman said "f--k 'em" to those "pissing and moaning" with sexist remarks. But now, we're finally getting a first look at the leading ladies and the proof is in the pudding: they're bad as hell.

Today, Sony released the first official image of Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones geared up and ready to kick some serious ghost ass. They're overall badass and handle a gun better than any dude I know.

That said, if you aren't into the remake, it's cool, but I hope it's for the right reasons. So let it be known, sexist and misogynistic freaks: your time here is up. Now go to bed or get your life right because these women look phenomenal.