'Barely Famous' Bonus: Sara Foster Says She Called Modeling Agencies to Find a Hot Nanny

"I'd rather [my nanny] not look like Mrs. Doubtfire!"

Sara Foster's search for the perfect nanny involves some, well, *unconventional* methods.

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Sara found out in the latest episode of Barely Famous that her husband cheated on her with their hot nanny. In this week's bonus clip, Sara reveals how she actually found her nanny in the first place. The secret? She called a modeling agency.

"When it came time to hiring the nanny, I did call some modeling agencies," Sara says. "If I'm going to have to be hanging out with someone and having them in my life and in my paparazzi photos and with me all the time, I'd rather that person not look like Mrs. Doubtfire." A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Or something. Right?!

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