German, Despite Losing Ahsha To Derek, Defends Her Honor In This 'Hit The Floor: 'Til Death Do Us Part' Bonus Clip

"I'm not answering that question."

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When the detective investigating Jelena's shooting interrogates German, he opens up some old wounds, but despite his volatile past, German remains stoic and unbothered in this Hit The Floor: 'Til Death Do Us Part bonus clip.

As the detective tries to pin down Ahsha's motives for wanting to hurt Jelena, he reminds German that not only did she leave him, but she's also prone to emotional outbursts, like the one she made when she saw German turn himself in for Olivia's murder in the police station. "She was trying to see me. Help me. That's just the kind of girl she is," German explains, defending his ex's actions. Seems like, despite the fact that Ahsha has moved on, he will always have love for her. Or maybe he just knows that she's protected his secrets, so he should protect hers too.