QUIZ: Even Actors Hate Their Own Movies -- Can You Match The Actor To The Film They Most Regret?

Celebs: They make poor choices, too!

No actor is immune from taking a questionable role or two, but it takes a strong actor to be able to roast their performance before the rest of us can. Sometimes you think you're making a good choice, only to later realize that it wasn't a good call at all. After a flounder, all you can do is hope that your low-key embarrassment is not going to be relived by the masses for years to come... But guess what? That's what you signed up for, to have your performance immortalized, even if it happens to be a "piece-of-s--t, god-awful movie," as Halle Berry described her least favorite role. So who else looked back with regret after everything was in the can?

Take this quiz to see if can guess which movie these actors wish we couldn't ever watch again.