Lessons Learned As a Single Woman Watching 'Girlfriends Guide to Divorce'

Hooking up with an ex being one of them.

All my single ladies, all my single ladies! Yes I’m talking to you and ME.

Over the years, network television has done a great job glamorizing the single life or at least making that sh*t look good most of the time. Hello Sex and the City (SATC) and New Girl. Stop reading my life.

The takeaways from these shows are, if you’re not married, then you’re perceivably single, fabulous (in my best Samantha Jones voice), and maybe a little bat shit crazy (not necessarily a bad thing IMO).

If you’re supposed to make lemonade out of lemons, what else is left to learn as a single woman watching some of these shows with a grain of salt? Well for one thing, fabulousness and heart break don't discriminate.

Since the season three premiere last month, I’ve been dishing about Girlfriends Guide to Divorce to my girlfriends (obviously), guy friends, and whoever else will listen to me.

Lisa Edelstein, who plays Abby McCarthy, navigates her character’s flaws and messiness with such humorous grace while juggling the expectation of having to keep it all together (i.e. Superwoman). Sans the divorce and having children, I’ve managed to see myself in Abby and her either single, engaged, or almost divorced gal pals, which is refreshing.

Here are a few lessons I've learned thus far from watching Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. These lessons can be learned anywhere BUT it's fun to watch it play out on TV.

You can binge watch the first two seasons on Netflix and catch season three on Bravo.

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