What Are The Top 5 Kiss Songs From The 1970s?

Each week on That Metal Show, Eddie, Don and Jim rank their favorite musical moments from the worlds of hard rock and heavy metal in the TMS Top 5 and then argue about what the final ranking should be. This week, in honor of guest Peter Criss, former drummer of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees Kiss, That Metal Debate centers the 5 best songs from the band's 1970s catalog. Considering they're one of Eddie and Don's favorite bands, and we're talking about some of the most classic hard rock songs of the era, the competition was fierce but reaching consensus was easy. And for the record, while we all know "Rock and Roll All Nite" is one of the greatest songs ever written, the boys have heard it enough times that it wasn't included in any of their lists, but hey, if you miss it turn on any classic rock radio station right now and chances are they're playing. Check out The TMS Top 5 Kiss Songs From The 1970s and vote for your favorite Kiss tunes on the final page!

The Top 5 Kiss Songs From The '70s

1. "Detroit Rock City"

2. “Deuce"

3. “Strutter"

4. “Shock Me”

5. “Black Diamond”

[caption id="attachment_269215" align="aligncenter" width="615"]kiss KISS is among the 2014 inductees of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]

What Are The Top 5 Kiss Songs From The 1970s?