Before Meeting The Parents, Eve's Husband Told Her His Dad Was Racist But It Was Just a Joke

Um, what?

It's totally normal to feel pressure before meeting your significant other's parents. But being told that your race is going to be a problem before you even have an opportunity to woo them with your charm can make that experience straight up terrifying. That's exactly what happened to Eve before she met her future-in-laws, and it was all thanks to a "funny joke" that her now husband, Maximillion Cooper played on her.

On a recent episode of The Talk, the ladies watched ANTM judge Ashley Graham give an interview where she told the story of the first time she brought her black boyfriend, Justin home. Apparently things went south in the Graham house because her Grandma was unsupportive of the interracial relationship and wouldn't even look Justin in the eye. After hearing the story, the co-hosts of The Talk were asked about embarrassing holiday family stories and Eve recalled a story that was some what similar to Ashley's.

On her way to meet Max's parents for the first time, he straight up told Eve that his father didn't like black people. Of course, Eve freaked out, because you know, she's Black. So instead of worrying about whether Max's parents had heard of her songs, she was immediately concerned that he had failed to mention to his family that she was Black. Well it turns out, her husband was joking and didn't have an issue with Black people. Eve had nothing to worry about because his parents were totally wonderful. The audience at The Talk didn't laugh though, which leads us to wonder how funny the prank actually was.

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