7 Very Good Reasons Why Rick Ross Might Have Pistol-Whipped His Contractor

<i>God Forgives, I Don't</i> is Rozay's personal motto.

Fresh off of a quick jail stint for marijuana possession, Rick Ross finds himself back in the slammer thanks to an alleged altercation that left a man eating through a straw.

Ever since Rozay copped Evander Holyfield's old mansion back in 2014, the boss hasn't seem to be able to catch a break from Georgia's finest. According to TMZ, Ross was arrested for aggravated assault and kidnapping after pistol whipping a contractor/groundskeeper two weeks ago. As a result, both Ross and his bodyguard were taken into custody this morning by U.S. Marshals, and forced to sit in jail until July 1.

Apparently God Forgives, I Don't isn't only an album title, but a creed Ross truly abides by. What could have possibly been the reason for the Boss' alleged outburst? We examine seven possible scenarios that might have caused Ross to set it off.

Showed up hours late to the appointment.

Walked in on Ross while in his musical zone.

Caught the groundskeeper taking a selfie in one of the mansion's 109 rooms.

He asked for a raise.

Interrupted an intense home cardio session on XBox Kinect.

Specifically told him to stay away from his batch of green anjou pears.

Unintentionally drank the last bit of fruit punch Tampico.