Miles And Milan Go All The Way In About The Hardships Of Being Gay In Hip Hop

Miles and Milan break down why the words "hip hop" and "homosexuality" still appear to be irreconcilable in 2015.

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It's. About. To. Go. Down.

This week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood left us on the edge of our seats knowing Miles was about to come clean about his sexual orientation with his longtime friend/ex-girlfriend Amber. However, and as hard a feat as that may seem to be, both Miles and Milan admit coming out to the world of hip hop can be even harder.

In this exclusive, Miles and Milan talk about the hardships they continue to face while trying to find acceptance in a music culture that makes it tough for them to be who they are, without judgment.

Watch this heartfelt look at the couple, and be sure to tune in to the VH1 special, LHH: Out In Hip Hop, airing Monday October 19th at 11/10c, and join the discussion.