Who's Got Game?! Watch The Game Choose The Winner of 'She's Got Game' Now!

"One of these women is going to be the one I spend the rest of my life with."

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SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD! On the season finale of She's Got Game, Game eliminated Briona early on in the episode, leaving him to choose between Rebecca. During the final moments, he actually told both women he couldn't possibly choose between them, and then Shyona (who is definitely regretting it now) forced him to make a choice. "Shy, you are amazing," Game told her, "but I choose Rebecca."

Shy was NOT happy. "I'm very pissed dare you do that to me?" she says in her confessional. But she still manages to give Rebecca a respectful, polite hug before she leaves, and tells her to take care of her (their) man.

Check out some special moments shared between this new couple and get to know the lady who stole his heart, Rebecca Silvera:

Rebecca Says She's Falling For Game - Rebecca admits to falling for Jayceon and they share another kiss.

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Rebecca Is Mom's Favorite - Just as Game expected, his mom says Rebecca is her favorite.

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Rebecca Goes Out On Another Date With Game - Game takes Rebecca for a ride in his Ferrari 458.

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Game and Rebecca Go On Their Finale Date - Game and Rebecca share two special kisses on the boat.

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Are you happy with Game's choice, or should he have gone with Shy instead?? Let us know!