John Densmore + Carlos Santana Sit Down With VH1 Classic On Tap

Classic rock fans are in luck this Christmas, because VH1 is leaving something extra special under your tree. Yes, it's a double feature of interviews with two rock icons! VH1 Classic On Tap host Nik Carter spoke to the Doors drummer John Densmore and also guitar god Carlos Santana, so read on to hear what they had to say! When you're done watching these stellar videos, head over to VH1 Classic On Tap for more exclusive interviews with the biggest names in classic rock.

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VH1 met up with Densmore backstage at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards in LA, where the drummer was being honored with the Inspiration Award."Thank goodness it's not the 'Your Almost Dead' Award!" joked Densmore. "Knowing we inspired people a nice high." He also opens up about reuniting with former bandmate Robby Krieger after years of infighting."We got this struggle behind us."

Continue on for VH1 Classic On Tap's interview with Santana! 

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After a career spanning nearly half a century, Santana shares his thoughts on touring and performing in front of adoring fans. For him, it's about far more than just the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint. "We pay particular attention to a vibration that has nothing to do with show-business or entertainment or posing. It touches your heart. We're in the business of giving people chills." He also opens up about his musical residency in Las Vegas at The House Of Blues Mandalay Bay. Watch the full interview above and make sure to check out VH1 Classic On Tap for more clips with rock great ones.