Happier Times: Watch Kirk And Rasheeda Renew Their Vows And Promise To Grow Old On Miami Beach Together

"I would wonder what life would be without having complete love from a family and a wife and when you've got that, it's the most special thing in the world."

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It's felt like Kirk and Rasheeda have been heading for divorce for three seasons now, but let's not forget that back in season one, they were the most solid couple on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. In this bonus clip from season one, the Frosts renewed their wedding vows in front of family, friends, and Lil' Scrappy, and dammit, it's downright touching. Kirk gets choked up watching Rasheeda pledge her love to him as she reminds him that their dream is to live out their days on Miami Beach together, and his vows to her are even more emotional. Maybe if the couple re-watches this scene it will make them remember that they're great together...when they aren't trying to auction off one another's valuables.