Shonda Rhimes Is Reportedly Killing Off a Major Shondaland Character, So You Can Start Crying Now

Shonda Rhimes is reportedly "getting ready to pull something big. Massive." on her Thursday night lineup. This is network TV, so sadly it's not a Fitz full frontal.

According to Naughty Gossip, the change will "rock her fanbase to the core." Need more details? "I can’t say which show will be affected, but it will leave Shondaland viewers and fans reeling in their tracks," says the source. "ABC had better get ready for an onslaught of messages from fans – because this one is going to hurt.”

Hold up.


Before we immediately start throwing things, let's evaluate who it could possibly be. (Then we'll throw things.)

Grey's Anatomy

Contender 1: Meredith

Contender 2: Alex

Both characters have been on the show, currently in its eleventh season, since season 1. Do you know how much time we've invested in them? We're not even going to entertain the thought of this right now.


Contender 1: Jake

Contender 2: Mellie

Let's face it: there would be no show without Fitz. We're so emotionally invested in Jake's romance with Olivia (and his abs) and Mellie's future as president, that we'd be heartbroken if either of them went. Cyrus was a close third, but honestly, who would run that shit without him?

We suggest you stay away from the word "diversity" to avoid pissing Shonda off. We can't deal with anymore punishment.

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How To Get Away With Murder

Contender 1: Connor

Contender 2: Frank

Even though what goes around comes around (ahem, Frank), these two have the most engaging personalities and exciting plot lines of anyone in Annalise's crew. The show would be non-existent without Annalise, and would you really miss Wes that much?

Now that you're furious, let the rage begin.

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