Tommie's Nanny Used To Work For Tiarra, So Naturally Tommie Just Spilled All Kinds Of Dirt On Tiarra

"My problem ain’t with her, it is with Scrapp."

Tommie and KK seem to have a such a tight knit relationship, which is kind of baffling to some, seeing as how KK cannot stand the actual mother of Scrapp's child, Tiarra. While Tiarra feels Scrapp needs to choose the ladies in his life a little better if he wants to see his son, Tommie decided it was time to clear some things up.

In an exclusive interview with, Tommie opens up about why she and KK ride so hard for one another, what she really thinks about Tiarra, and how she feels about Scrapp DeLeon now, after seeing the way he talks about her on the show.

VH1: First, can you let us know, how did you meet Scrapp?

Tommie Lee: I met Scrapp through KK. Me and KK used to do some things together.

Is Scrapp the reason you and KK are so close?

No, he's not the reason why we so close. She's probably the reason why me and Scrapp close. Me and her been close like that, before I ever dealt with Scrapp. Yeah, before I even looked at Scrapp like that, there was this other girl that he was madly in love with. That was the the only girl he was ever with. And then came along Tiarra. He really didn't like Tiarra like that. He was always playing around.

Did Scrapp know Tiarra before he knew you?

No! I been knowing him. You know, I like older men. So I never really looked at him like that; it was just like "KK's kid."

Where does Tiarra fit into all of this?

I've got the same nanny that Tiarra had, and the same nanny that could tell you about Tiarra's lying ass. She is my nanny right now. She used to keep Tiarra's kids. Tiarra wouldn't even get up [out of bed]. Got mad at [her nanny] for taking the kids to Target. You know, it's Target. Target got some cute a--- s--- for little girls. They wanted hair bows and that s--- to do their hair. So the nanny brings them back, looking cute. So, she says "my kids don't wear Target." But b---h, that kid is wearing this young a--- Polo that they can't even fit in. That's what pisses me off in the scene. It's like, b---h, you're doing all of this bragging and boasting about who you work for, how you do all this work. But what are you buying? Bags and shoes, b---h? Take care of your f---ing kids! As I said before, my problem ain't with her. It is with Scrapp, but at the same time a b---h can't sit in front of me and act like you that and you ain't.

Now that you're actually seeing the show, would you say that you and Scrapp are in a good place?

I don't know. I can't say that right now until I talk to him. I just want to hear what has to say for himself. Because, oh, you say so much about Tiarra and I done did so much too for you. You witnessed me being what you say she isn’t as far as the kids and everything. I done kept y'all child several times. So for you to just say I'm good in bed, I think that was really wack, and you know I got little girls. What about my family? What about my mom? And my grandma and all of them see this like I'm out here just like, a thot b---h. That’s not even how I move. B---h, I ain't ever used my p---y. Don't you dare ever just label me as a good f---k. I'm really pissed about that.