5 Things You Didn't Know About Amiyah Scott

How she maintains her snatched body will make you jealous AF.

Amiyah Scott's life has transformed rapidly over the course of a few years. The transgender actress created her own buzz on social media with her eccentric wigs and flawless style. She soon went from social media influencer to bona fide actress seemingly overnight. The New Orleans native's big break was supposed to be in the arena of reality TV, after she caught the eye of Real Housewives of Atlanta producers. She eventually dropped out of taping and soon after, director Lee Daniels scooped her up for a role on the new Fox series Star.

Amiyah currently resides in Atlanta and plays the character Cotton, the transgender daughter of Carlotta (Queen Latifah) who is a beauty shop owner and matriarch of the group. As you're getting acquainted with Cotton this season, know that there's more to this beauty than meets the eye. We chopped it up with Amiyah and gathered 5 little known facts about this budding actress that may surprise you.

She Wrote A Brilliant "Coming Out" Essay To RuPaul Before She Was Famous

As a transgender girl growing up in the deep South, Amiyah didn't have many role models within arms reach. She did, however, pour her heart out to RuPaul in a beautifully written letter about her dreams, struggles and how Ru had given her hope to keep on pushing. At the time, she had no inkling that she'd run into her fave years later. "I was in New York back in 2006 for this Underground Ballroom show called POCC. So I went backstage to get my hair and makeup done and Ru happened to be there. She said I was beautiful and was going to do well," Amiyah remembers. "I wish I still had that letter. I would love to read it to her."

Though She's Met Plenty Of A-List Celebs, She Doesn't Get Starstruck

The sweet Southern girl from Louisiana is living a much more extravagant lifestyle than where she grew up, but Amiyah still doesn't geek out over run ins with celebrities. The actress has met and befriended celebrities like Rihanna and Blac Chyna. Though she prefers to play it cool, she did admit to being taken aback by her first encounter with legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell at her first viewing of the Star pilot episode. "We were at Lee Daniel's studio in New York City. She and Lee are good friends, so she walked in very casually. It was very normal and chill, and I couldn't believe I was about to watch my first TV pilot with Naomi Campbell!"

She Doesn't Eat ANY Fruits or Vegetables:

The ability to have a diet mostly comprised of carbs and fried foods while still maintain a snatched physique is genetic gift afforded to very few. Consider Amiyah one of the lucky ones. The New Orleans native loves to throw down on gumbo, fried seafood and croissants, but you'll probably never catch her with a salad. "I rarely meet people who can relate to it but I'm absolutely disgusted with fruits and vegetables," the 29 year old confessed. This seafood lovin' honey can also throw down in the kitchen. She's currently perfecting her gumbo recipe, which she warns is harder than it looks.

Rihanna and Lil' Kim Are Her Biggest Style Inspirations

Among many things, Amiyah's followers always look forward to her colorful wig choice of the day. The starlet can effortlessly go to a forest green do' to a carrot orange curls in a matter of days - and it's all thanks to Lil' Kim. "[Back in the day], I loved the way Kim switched her hair up. Being a Black girl, I like knowing that if I want blonde hair doesn't mean I'm not proud of who I am. If I want to change my hair or do something different, it doesn't mean I'm not proud to be a Black woman." When it comes to the style department, Amiyah thinks Rihanna checks all the boxes. "She looks amazing in anything and wears clothes so effortlessly."

She Turned Down a Spot on Reality TV, But Would Reconsider It...For The Right Price

It's been widely reported that Amiyah Scott was taping for Real Housewives of Atlanta, but decided dropped out of filming the show due to creative differences with production. Even though the first opportunity didn't pan out, she says she would give it another go if the stars aligned again. "When you're on scripted TV, you're playing a character. But I want to show people who I am. I've learned to never say never, so I would be open to doing reality TV again...for the right check of course."

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